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This is an expression of the people that I meet every day, the people I ask to show their bodies, their modifications, and share their stories. This is an expression of the soul and a journey for all of us, not merely one of my own. Want to support me? Check out for banners to add to your myspace or other website. :)

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I went back to the area I moved to Western NY from, Chenango County for the murder trials of the man who killed my little sister. While there I had the opportunity to visit family and friends, whom I had not seen in quite some time. The above photo is myself in a wall my father built in his home incorporating elegant woods and mirrors. I found it fascinating, so I took a photo of myself in it.

Gabriel Levi

A little creepy, right? Well, this is my brother, his name is Gabe. While visiting him and our father, I had the chance to spend some time with him and take some photographs of his calf tattoos, shown below.

James Micheal

I also had the chance to photograph my father’s tattoo, though I forgot to take a picture of him aside from just that of the tattoo, so I apologize. He had tribal work done on his upper chest/collar, ribs, and lower stomach. One piece. One badass piece for a first tattoo, I say.

A Cat named Cat

Though I have to say that of the mods I saw in the early days of this week, the coolest by far, was on my brother and father’s cat named Cat. She had gotten into a fight and lost one of her eyes to infection, my father paid the veterinarian to remove the bad eye. Here she is, sleepy, and with more rights than you and her house.



I’d like quite a bit. Lets start with a turtle-neck, which is a connecting tattoo that covers the entire torse, front, back, ribs, arms, and neck (I’ve started it, I merely have to piece things together). I’d possibly like nipple removals to add some space for this turtle-neck piece. I won’t go into detail until I’m getting it done. I’d like calf sleeves and maybe some facial tattoos. I’d like my tongue surgically split, my ears reshaped (to be pointed), a magnetic implant in my right index finger, dermals in my chest and lower back, a magic cross (look it up), I’d like to get my ears up to a 1” gauge, 1 1/2” if possible, though I doubt my tiny lobes will get to 1” as it is, though I’m going to try. I’d like multiple piercings in my ears, though nothing specific. I’d also like palm tattoos and tattoos to cover the uncovered portions of my knuckles, the smaller knuckles. I’d also like a tattoo on the inside of my lip reading “FUCK”. Ahh yes, and I also would like a transcrotal one day. ;]. That’s all I can think of for now.

EDIT::// I remembered a modification I would like. Eye tattooing, thank you Nicole of the University of Albany for reminding me. :]

EDIT2::// I’ve recalled I never mentioned suspensions. Oh yes, suspensions are in my future. As are implants. I would also like PFTE surface piercings in the form of vampire bites on either side of my neck, as well as a redoing my sternum in the same matter.


James Ryan “Elricc” Somers

Starting with my head and moving down.

Five facial piercings, snakebites + medusa (=bermuda triangle), septum, and bridge. Also, a retired labret.

Ear lobe piercings gauged to 5/8ths an inch with stainless steel tunnels.

A retired sternum piercing. This piercing was one of the few gifts I received for my 19th birthday, from my girlfriend. She has a matching one. It was migrating, so I had to take it out, which broke my heart. I’m going to have dermals placed in the scars after I get my chestpiece.

My first tattoo, my wings. Guns placed in the location of wings to show that to fly, we must fight for our privelage of wings. If you will ever fly, you are going to get hurt fighting in the process, you are going to feel pain in your path, upon your journey, your heart will bleed.

I’m falling back o you after all that we’ve been through. Lyrics from Greeley Estate’s song “Through Waiting”, the flower from the artwork of their album, Outside of This. This tattoo is dedicated to both the band, which has helped me through more than they’ll ever know, and to my girlfriend, for whom I have fallen deeply in love with and will forever be hers.

My right arm sleeve from different angles (unfinished). This sleeve is a large dedication to those who have died in my life with the dominant headstone in the graveyard on the lower half being dedicated to my sister, who was killed by a man on July 8th, 2007. The dates on the arm read “June 12, 1995 to July 8th, 2008” because the artist messed it up. The banner on my arm reads “Cineri gloria sera venit,” meaning “Fame comes to late to the dead.” I also have a grave dedicated to a good friend of mine Shawn Maxson, 5-23-88 to 7-5-08.

My knuckles. I personally don’t believe in the idea of hope. Rather, I believe in alternatives, such as trust and action. If you are constantly hoping for a better future and not working towards it, if you are hoping that a certain candidate will win the office, you are failing. If you do something about it, then hope dies and your ideals become truth through your action.

My knuckles when not held together.



Meet Jessica. :]. This is my amazing girlfriend. She has three facial piercings, those being her sternum and snakebites. She also has her sternum and nipples pierced. Her sternum is shown in the picture above. Below are pictures of her torso tattoos and her current dermal. She’s about to have three more dermals done.

Jessica BackView

She doesn’t have a reason why she got the ravens circling her torso (if you look below at the front view of her, she has one on her ribs), but she says she was in a bit of a dark place when she got them, and ravens are dark, so she got them. I say they add yet another touch of elegance, aside from her unique hip tattoos.

Dermal/Left Hip

She got her hips done with a victorian floral design tattoo (with inserted microdermal implants) simply because she loves the design and the beauty of the victorian era.

Jessica FrontVIEW

Here you can see her rib piece, her other raven, as well as the front-view of her hips.

As you can see, her Greeley Estates tattoo matches mine and is dedicated to me.



My name is James Ryan Somers, though I prefer to be called “Ryan”. Honestly, I’d really like a cool nickname, though I’m not that fortunate to have been given one, so I’ve given myself the spiritual name, “Elricc” for body modification and spiritual reasons. I am nineteen years old, I live in Buffalo, NY, and I would dare say that I am freed by body modifications. Where depression and anxiety has tied me down, body modification has lifted the veils. I currently don’t have too many modifications, though I’ll post pictures of all of those later when I get home from work at one. I work at the Zumiez in the Walden Galleria Mall. It gets pretty busy there, though I enjoy it and I get to meet a lot of people.

I share an apartment with my girlfriend, Jessica, and we’ve bought a car together. We moved up here originally so she could go to college and I followed her so I wouldn’t lose her. I ended up getting into various life pursuits and I’m glad I did. The first was joining a band, and even though the guys I was in the band with turned out to the kind of guys you warn your kids about, I’m glad I did it because now my new band is about to kick off. More updates on that, later. The other was body modifications, and even though I had already accumulated a collection of piercings and tattoos, I began piercing in a shop here in Buffalo.

I’m truly beginning to enjoy my life. Though I still hold onto a bit of my inner darkness, it is a darkness that allows me to also hold onto joy and love and not merely hate and malice, not merely the seven deadly sins I’d like tattooed somewhere on my body. I love music, I love food, I love Jessica, I love my job, fashion, and my hobbies, which I admit consist of Xbox 360 (my gt is ryanxrevenant) and building computers. Otherwise, I follow my passions. I follow my heart.